Patrol Division

The Oneonta Police Department Patrol Division is the backbone of the police department.  This division is responsible for police patrol throughout the City and responds to calls for service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The patrol division is comprised of 15 sworn officers who are each assigned to an eight hour tour of duty.  In addition, four uniformed Sergeants are assigned to oversee the patrol division and provide assistance to the officers so that the City of Oneonta Police Department’s Mission can be accomplished.

The members of the patrol division are hired from established civil service lists.  Those hired are thoroughly screened and tested prior to appointment to ensure that they are of the highest physical, psycholgical, and moral caliber.  All newly hired officers receive extensive training at a certified high intensity police academy before being assigned to road patrol.  At the police academy they receive training in firearms, defensive tactics, fitness, law, emergency vehicle operation, report writing, interview and interrogation, evidence collection, first-aid, and many other related topics.  Upon academy graduation, new officers are assigned to a rigorous field training program to integrate their training with the realities of law enforcement.  Upon successful completion of field training, the officer is released for solo assignment.

Members of the Patrol Division are responsible for ensuring the safety of all citizens by engaging in routine and directed patrol patterns, enforcing state laws and local ordinances, investigating criminal complaints, handling various calls for service, assisting with school crossings & community events, and by maintaining a generally strong presence in the community.