Parking Enforcement

The City of Oneonta has a great deal of free parking on street, on the top two levels of the municipal parking garage on Market Street, and in the Wall Street and Dietz Street lots.

The City of Oneonta has alternate side of the street parking on certain streets. Read the signs carefully to familiarize yourself with these regulations. There are also various municipal parking lots and the parking garage with varying regulations. All regulations are prominently posted in the lots and the garage. Additionally, the City of Oneonta has a full-time Parking Enforcement Officer to make sure there is adequate parking available for downtown shoppers, tourists and downtown employees.

Whenever there is 2 1/2 inches or more of snowfall, no vehicles are permitted to park on any city street. Vehicles are subject to being ticketed and towed. Minimum towing fee is $150 plus the cost of the ticket.

If you have any questions about parking regulations or any other traffic concern, please call the Oneonta Police Department at 432-1113.

Animal Control

City of Oneonta Animal Control primarily consists of the seizure of stray or loose dogs here in the City, under Article 7 of New York State Agriculture & Markets Law. The Animal Control Officer also deals with other article 7 laws and local ordinances such as leash laws, barking, and animal abuse cases which are from Article 26 of the Agriculture & Markets Law.

The office is not equipped or permitted by state law to seize cats, or to trap any wildlife such as raccoons, skunks, bats, squirrels, etc. If you have a wildlife issue please call a local wildlife trapper or rehabilitator. If you are not a City of Oneonta resident please contact your local dog control officer or muncipal clerk.

If you have any other issues please contact the Oneonta Police Department at 432-1111.