Detective Division

The Detective Division of the Oneonta Police Department is comprised of three detectives, all with different fields of expertise, along with a detective sergeant who oversees and supervises the division.  The detective division has responsibility for maintaining department evidence, investigating high profile crimes, violent felonies, incidents involving juveniles, and incidents related to narcotics and illicit drug sales.  

Although all detectives are cross-trained to conduct any type of investigation, our agency has one detective who is specifically assigned to investigate and follow up on drug activity, another who is assigned to investigate crimes involving juvenile offenders, and another who investigates a wide variety of criminal offenses.

All members of the detective division have proven themselves as highly qualified police officers prior to assignment to the Detective Division and have a very broad base of knowledge which allows them to effectively support the patrol division in carrying out the Department's mission.

Anyone who wishes to provide information for the detective division can contact the Oneonta Police Department at 432-1113.