Community Development

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City Hall
258 Main St
Oneonta, NY 13820
Telephone: (607) 432-0114
Fax: (607) 432-3055

Judy Pangman - Director of Community Development


Current Initiatives

Downtown Revitilization Initiative

In 2016, the City of Oneonta was one of 10 communities in New York State to be awarded a $10 Million Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI) award by Governor Cuomo. The City plans to reclaim the Market Street area as a Food and Craft Beverage Innovation District, strengthen existing downtown businesses and buildings, and provide the financial resources to bring the community’s transformational strategies to fruition, elevating Downtown Oneonta from good to great.


Empire State Poverty Reduction Initiative (ESPRI)

As one of the first Opportunity Communities in New York State, The City of Oneonta aims to help children and their families living in poverty break through barriers and access resources and support to move beyond and stay out of poverty.

 Events and Announcements

Brief History of Community 
Development Activities


The City of Oneonta has identified significant community development, housing, and economic development needs in recent years, developed improvement strategies, and successfully impleme
nted Community Development Block Grant housing, public facilities, and economic development programs, HOME program assistance, Affordable Housing Corporation funds for First Time Home Buyer Programs, Urban Development Action Grants, and other programs to address identified needs. The programs have helped improve neighborhood target areas in the City. Programs have helped to rehabilitate almost 500 deteriorated housing units, construct over 180 low-income housing units for families, the elderly and the homeless, eliminate major public improvement problems, including water, street, and stormwater issues, and stimulate economic development, among others.

Although these actions have helped to address serious housing and economic challenges in Oneonta, the City still needs assistance, economically and physically. There clearly is a need to initiate additional economic development, downtown housing, and other improvement efforts. To help the City determine which funding programs to apply for and to help develop future Community Development initiatives, tell us about your funding needs and community development-related ideas or issues by clicking above and completing the Funding Needs Form.


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