Taxicab / Livery Information

Taxicabs and Livery Services are regulated by City of Oneonta Municipal Code Chapter 272. Taxicab and livery companies must be licensed to operate in the City of Oneonta as provided in Chapter 272.

Please click here for a map of taxicab zones and rates.

Application Packet for Taxi/Livery DRIVERS - updated for 2021
Application Packet for Taxi/Livery COMPANIES - updated for 2021

Current Taxi Drivers
Current Livery Drivers

To submit comments regarding taxicab / livery services in the City, please use the Cab Service Comment Form.  

Please contact the City Clerk's Office at (607) 432-6450 if you have any questions or complaints about taxicab / livery operations within the City of Oneonta.  To report violations of the City Taxicab Code (Chapter 272), please contact the Oneonta Police Department at (607) 432-1113.