What to Expect When Contacting Emergency Services (issued March 18, 2020)

Oneonta Police Department
When contacting the Oneonta Police Department to make a complaint, please be prepared to answer non-invasive questions regarding the health of yourself and others in your home or business. Dispatchers or officers will ask if anyone is currently under quarantine or ill. If so, you will be asked to speak with the officer by an alternative method (by stepping outside, speaking through a window, speaking through a closed door, make a telephone call, etc). Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation.

Oneonta Fire Department
If you are concerned that you may have symptoms of the new coronavirus, please contact Bassett’s COVID-19 phone line – 607-547-5555, which can be used to screen patients for the virus or other upper respiratory illnesses. 

If you are severely ill or experiencing any other medical emergency, call 911. During the coronavirus health crisis, you can expect the following when calling for an ambulance:

1. The 911 dispatcher will ask you a series of questions to gather initial information about the nature of your emergency.

2. When the ambulance arrives;
      a. You will be asked to put on a paper mask
      b. You may be asked to walk to the ambulance.
      c. If transported, you may be tested at the Emergency Department and then sent home.