Board of Public Service

The Board of Public Service meets the first Thursday of each month, at 4:00 p.m., in the City Common Council Chambers. The Board is comprised of 5 commissioners, each appointed by the Mayor, with approval from the Common Council, for a 3 year term of office. The Board of Public Service serves as an appeal board for citizens with interest in public infrastructure of the City. The Board's general duties deal with the authorization of new water and sewer service, consideration of appeals to the implementation of the Water Department Rules and Regulations, consideration of exemptions from the Water Department Rules and Regulations, declarations of unsafe buildings as per Chapter 33 of the Municipal Code, administration of the City of Oneonta's Flood Damage Prevention Law, and hearing of appeals to actions taken by the City of Oneonta in relation to the removal of snow and ice from sidewalks, roofs and gutters, as set forth in Chapter 44 of the Municipal Code. The Board also accepts applications and makes recommendations to the Common Council regarding the sale of water outside the limits of the City.

Board Members

Margery Merzig (Chair)
Madolyn Palmer
Rev. Phil Livermore
Dana Marie Levinson
Council Member Liaison Mark Drnek


Minutes Listing

Meeting Minutes