Community Development - Funding


Funding Needs Form

The City of Oneonta submits applications for a variety of projects as funding programs become available. We tailor our funding pursuits based on the needs of the residents, and building and business owners in the City. If you have a funding need or a community development-related idea, or an issue that needs our attention, please tell us about it by filling out the Funding Needs Form on this page. 


Housing Rehabilitation

If you are seeking funds to rehabilitate your home please fill out this Pre-application so that we can seek out grants according to the needs of the City. We will follow up with you as funding becomes available that may address your specific needs.

Available Funding

Microenterprise 5 Program

The City was awarded a new Microenterprise Program in December 2017 and will be starting a new program in late winter/spring, 2018. Funding was made available by the NYS Office of Community Renewal through the Community Development Block Grant Program. Eligible uses of the funds include purchasing equipment, computer hardware and software, and inventory, and working capital. Applications will be available soon so please contact the Community Development Office if you are interested. Business training that is mandatory for all applicants and will be held on March 14, 2018 and March 21, 2018. See below for details.


HOME Program

In March, 2017, the City of Oneonta was awarded New York State HOME Local Program funds by the Office of Community Renewal to assist with rehabilitation of single-family (1 unit), owner-occupied homes to address substandard conditions and code issues. To be eligible for the program, the home must be located in the City, and the owner must be income eligible (family income must be below:  1 person - $34,800, 2 people - $39,800, 3 people - $44,750, 4 people - $49,700, 5 people - $53,700, 6 people - $57,700, 7 people - $61,650, 8 people - $65,650).  Applications are anticipated to be available for the program within the next few months. 


Graduate to Homeownership Program

The new Graduate to Homeownership Program, created by New York State Home and Community Renewal, is available to recent graduates who are purchasing a home in the City of Oneonta, a Downtown Revitalization Initiative community.  The program is available to qualified first-time homebuyers who have graduated from an accredited college or university with an associate's, bachelor's, master's or doctorate degree within the last 48 months.  Key features of the Program include:

  • Subsidized low-interest rate mortgages;
  • Down payment assistance loan of the greater of $3000 or three percent of the home purchase price up to a maximum of $15,000, with no additional fees;
  • Access to additional available subsidies and resources; and
  • Online and on-campus homebuyer counseling and education.

Information about the Graduate to Homeownership Program is available at SONYMA's web site or by calling 1-800-382-4663.


Ongoing Funding Programs


Before and After 2.jpg

Microenterprise 4 Program 

The City is finishing the current Microenterprise Proram grant that is assisting eight businesses for total awards of $178,000. The City has obtained 4 Microenterprise grants from NY State and has awarded $753,000 in grants to 40 local businesses since 2010.


First Time Homebuyers Program

 The City is finishing the current First Time Homebuyers Program which is assisting 7 income eligible new homeowners with purchasing and renovating their first homes. Funds were used for closing costs and renovations to address substandard conditions and code issues. Funding was made available by the NYS Affordable Housing Corporation (AHC). The program is administered for the City by Opportunities for Otsego (OFO).  The current program is closed to new applicants. The City will be applying to the State for another First Time Homebuyers Program grant in February, 2018.  footsoak4vday.jpg

Housing Rehabilitation Programs

The City is currently finishing 2 housing rehabilitation programs that are assisting owners of multi-family buildings with renovations to address substandard conditions and code issues. Funding is through the NYS Office of Community Renewal's Community Development Block Grant program. These programs are not accepting new applicants at this time.  The City will be seeking pre-applications from potential applicants for various housing funding programs in early 2018 and will be applying for funding according to the identified needs. 


City Projects & Programs

The City is currently working on infrastructure projects that were funded as follows:

  • Market Street Stormwater Improvements: $600,000 from NYS Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program and $140,000 City of Oneonta Bond
  • Raw Water Transmission Main: $600,000 grant from NYS CDBG Program, $1,200,000 grant from New York Water Grant Program, and $200,000 City of Oneonta bond
  • Reservoir Dam Improvement Project: $641,013 grant from NYS CDBG Program
  • Otsego County Regional Compost Facility: $420,000 grant from NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Climate Smart Communities Program
  • Urban & Community Forestry Grants: 3 Separate grants totaling $142,240 for planting and maintenance to improve our local forests

        -  Emerald Ash Borer Preventative Maintenance 
        -  Planting of Street Trees on Market Street
        -  General Tree Maintenance Program